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Our strong love for garments and textiles gave rise to the establishment of our company. In our hands, the garments were embroidered and painted, given life and expression, presenting a special glow and meaning. In 1989, we established Clothdecor.

We started by decorating textiles for small Greek enterprises. Very soon, thanks to our reliability, our professionalism and quality of our work, we earned the trust of some of the largest companies in the clothing sector in Northern Greece.

Today, we are a modern production unit, which covers any demand in the field of textile decoration, by applying any available method, thanks to our high-tech equipment. Apart from embroidery, Clothdecor is the best choice for decorations with hot fix parts and strass, applied by laser beam and thermotransfer printers, giving you the chance to choose among a variety of designs suggested by our highly experienced Designers Department. After all, this is what made Clothdecor gain your trust: our staff, the people that work to meet your very needs.

Our staff was chosen on the grounds of their experience, know-how, expertise on the special features of each textile, as well as for their excellent taste in combination with their love for this delicate work. We always try to achieve the best results by offering high quality, control potential, reduction of the production time and investments in the latest machinery.

Your success is our success as well.

This is how we gained your trust and this is how we will go on.

You give us the power, we make it… glow!