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A classic decoration technique, which thanks to our high-tech machinery and our long experience gives absolutely impressive results, in terms of appearance and application.

Thanks to our special sample machine, you have the chance to have a picture of the final result almost instantly and without any cost. 


Your clothes are given a glamorous touch, by applying a very simple technique. Strass is printed by thermotransfer on the textile, creating a very stable and impressive result.


The laser beam can create the most delicate designs on any textile.

Hot fix parts

A very popular and beloved decoration technique, which transforms the simplest textiles into the most playful creations.

The fashion world has loved this decoration method, which gives a dynamic dimension to single-coloured textiles. Simple metallic elements can be combined with multi-coloured hot fix parts – strass, creating astonishing designs.

Thermotransfer printing motifs

With amazing accuracy and speed, the ROBOT machine creates motifs by thermotransfer, which satisfy the demands of any customer.